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This is a company making money just for setting up an appointment - no matter the work is done or not. I needed a specific solution to vent out air from my range hood for a two storey house in Dallas, the guy over the phone sounded very courteous and sounded they have whatever I needed, said 'you got it' after I explained my specific questions about the pipes to be hidden inside the wall, gave me the rate 199$ for the first two hours, 59 afterwards and 15 charge for the trip to get parts, sounded reasoable to me and then what happened?

The handyman estimated 20 hours of work after he came onsite for one option and about a day of work for the other option. The special parts for the work weren't available so search took 3 hours still no parts found. Close to an hour spent talking. Was charged minimum of 114$, no work done. just sits in the middle and don't even ask the right questions to see if the work is feasible or if parts are available. I suggest find your handyman or contractor from a different source (craigslist, 5miles etc) talk to them directly and don't use this site or you risk paying for appointment even when there is no work done.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of done com customer care and associated monetary loss in the amount of $114. Done Com needs to "no solution needed now. i already called them that day. they didn't come down from 114. expected a reduction then, or a reschedule when the right parts are found would be nice. they didn't accept reduction so i just want potential customers to know" according to poster's claims.

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